Malta Vision Music Television

देखो Malta Vision Music Television टीवी मुफ्त में ऑनलाइन रहते हैं

Malta Vision Music Television, United States का एक टीवी स्टेशन है। आप Malta Vision Music Television को ऑनलाइन और सभी टीवी पर Malta Vision Music Television से live-TV-channels के माध्यम से देख सकते हैं


MVTV is Malta´s digital music television channel airing non-stop video clips and related material by Maltese artists, singers and bands. Broadcasting non-stop music around the clock by the likes of Red Electrick, Airport Impressions, The Travellers, Wintermoods, Big Band Brothers, Planet Seed, The New Victorians, The Crowns, Infinite Loop, Amber, Kevin Borg, Joe Roscoe, Ira Losco, Claudia Faniello and the international star Lauren Aquilina to but name a few.

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